Ikanasit Consultants Inc., established in 2011 is federally incorporated under the Canada Corporations Act and headquartered in Newfoundland and Labrador, with a regional office in Alberta, currently operating in Edmonton and Fort McMurray. Ikanasit is comprised of highly-qualified, experienced professionals who have demonstrated significant Canadian and International business development achievements in major industrial projects, strategic marketing, business development, organizational re-structuring, contract negotiation and capital acquisition.

The primary initiatives of Ikanasit include:

  • Developing solid relationships with our clients, investors, and communities by bringing quality homes to the market, that yield solid returns, back by Canadian real estate.
  • Increasing the wealth of investors and joint venture partners through due diligence, market research, and utilization of proven systems.
  • Connect client companies, their products and/or services to Canadian, European, Asian markets and beyond.
  • Ikanasit and its partners are positioned to facilitate the acquisition of capital funding for small and large project developments.
  • As a strategically positioned 100% owned and controlled First Nation Company, Ῑkanasit has become a gateway partner to companies seeking business development opportunities in First Nation communities across Canada.


Bert Alexander, President & CEO – Ikanasit Consultants Inc.

Bert is an experienced, results-driven management executive with demonstrated abilities to lead diverse teams of professionals in competitive environments. He has an impressive track record in negotiation and hands-on experience in strategic planning, business unit and project development. He has excellent media relations and communication skills. He has also gained a high-level of expertise in real estate development and marketing having co-partnered a four branch real estate brokerage, installed a 210 unit mobile home park and owned and operated an independent real estate company. He also marketed properties in Halifax NS and in Florida. Previously, Bert worked in various management positions in the unionized heavy mining industry in Labrador for 18 years including cost management on a $150 million expansion project.


Stephen Alexander, Director, Ikanasit

Born and raised in Labrador City, Newfoundland. Steve is a retired Sergeant of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police following 25 years of service.

Steve gained valuable experience in working with First Nations throughout Canada.  He has worked closely with First Nation Bands in formulating their own restorative justice programs while adhering to Federal mandates.  He has acquired valuable skill sets while holding middle management positions including; budgets, negotiations with First Nations/multiple levels of government, conflict resolution, human resource management, and a wide array of other administrative responsibilities.

Since his retirement he has been working with various trades and contractors within the oil and gas industry of Alberta. He has also gained hands-on experience in home-building and selling as well as home restoration in several provinces. Steve brings a fresh perspective on a multitude of tasks and circumstances.


Timothy Alexander, Director – Ikanasit

Timothy Alexander was born in Stephenville, Newfoundland and Labrador. He graduated from Labrador City Collegiate in 1983. Having then worked within the mining industry and then attending university, he joined the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in 1990 where he would spend the next fourteen years.

Timothy developed numerous skills throughout his RCMP tenure, such as implementing ideas, and monitoring them through to completion.  He also gained valuable experience in developing, preparing, and executing policies at varying levels of management. He raised the profile of his employer by developing strategies, and effectively communicating those plans to key stakeholders resulting in positive outcomes.

Timothy left the Mounted Police in 2004 to enter into private business. During his time spent as a mid-level manager, senior constable, and owner/manager of three companies, he has acquired a solid understanding of management, communications, budgeting, employee relations, planning, dealing with highly stressful issues and incidents. He is capable of making decisions based on sound judgement and critical thinking, and has worked under stressful and adverse conditions. Timothy has been instrumental in creating, growing, and managing several companies. He has gained valuable hands-on experience in raising capital, and business development.

Tim’s time with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and volunteer organizations has provided him the opportunity to work with First Nations, gaining knowledge of various cultures, negotiations, and communications. He was responsible for negotiating agreements between First Nation and the Federal Government at local levels, sitting on Western Canadian policy boards, and decision making at national levels.

Tim served in Northern British Columbia/Yukon on the Red Cross Regional Council as a Representative, Vice President and President, and also represented Western Region for the Red Cross at two National Annual Assemblies. Tim was also recognized for his efforts in traffic safety by the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia during his time with the RCMP. He is martial artist of 34 years, and holds a 2nd Degree Blackbelt with the Japan Karate Association. Most recently, Tim was recognized as a first responder for his service during the 2016 Fort McMurray fire evacuation, “the Beast.” His efforts during the first one hundred hours, aided in safely evacuating the ninety thousand plus residents.

He has developed strong partnerships with local, provincial and federal governments.


Jobina Bessant, Director of Public Relations – Ikanasit Canada 

Jobina is a Supportive/Inspirational type person who communicates a genuine concern for others.

She brings patience and creative value to the organization and possesses great people skills, which, is an asset to the organisation, its clients and associates. She deals with people on a close, personal basis thereby establishing stability and predictability. As an involved and active participant in “what’s going on,” she is a great team player and always seeks successful outcomes.

Jobina has spent twenty plus years in the healthcare and educational work forces.  She has dedicated her life to the betterment of her community and others.  Through her work and volunteer experiences, Jobina has attained a wealth of knowledge and skills.  She can work under intense pressure and create positive results because she possesses excellent problem-solving, negotiation, and conflict-resolution skills.  Jobina’s commanding presence at crisis scenes, have provided her with the necessary skills to attend to the daily challenges of an adult-classroom.  Patience, empathy, written and verbal communication, passion, and tenacity are traits that Jobina imparts upon every relation, personal and business.

Jobina’s dedication and excellence has been recognized by not-for-profit organisations.  In 2001, the Kinette Club of Fort McMurray presented Jobina with the Rookie of the Year Award to honour her dedication and service to her community in her first year of membership.  In June of 2009, Jobina was awarded the Lyle E. Sprout Award for Excellence in Training by the St. John Ambulance Alberta Council.  Then again in June of 2014, she received a Special Vote of Thanks from the Vice- Prior of The Order of St. John on behalf of St. John Ambulance Council for Alberta, for dedication to furthering the work of St. John.